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Web Site Design

Design is all about striking a balance between a nice look and an easy to use, responsive and readable layout. On the web it is very important that designs are well optimised for transmission or download both of which are only as fast as the slowest link between two places. You will be glad to know we have a wealth of experience and skills and which we adapt to the web. The Internet is the primary medium that we design for and producing great results is always our goal.

As the Internet grows, so do your marketing and technological options. Online Design helps you take advantage of the skyrocketing growth of the World Wide Web by guiding you through what can be a bewildering array of choices. Using our experience, and working closely with you, we create an on-line presence that is right for your company.

Target your market

There are several different ways to design a Web site. Depending upon the results you want.

Your Internet audience can:

  • Use your Web site as a learning tool to find out about your products, services, or concepts.
  • Make a positive and enjoyable connection with your company.
  • Act on specific options, such as calling for more information or to request a brochure.
  • Make purchases directly from your Web site.
  • Use your Web site as a reference guide.
  • Use your Web site for customer support.

Depending upon the model you choose, we get to know your company intimately, and use our marketing and promotional expertise to custom design a unique Web experience for your Internet audience. We make sure your Web site compliments your existing promotional materials to create a cohesive message. And if you need original text, or a re-working of existing materials, our skilled copywriter will create lively, readable copy written expressly for your target audience.


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