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Hi, I am Joe Melluzzo, welcome to my site.

Joe Melluzzo

The reason I have built this site is to share with you some of the breeds of pigeon I keep and raise in my lofts. Pigeons have been part of my life for as long as I can remember. These gentle birds are to me a source of enjoyment and satisfaction that can only be understood by true pigeon fanciers. My very first set of pigeons was a pair of Tipplers (Canadian Highfliers -Prints.) Very little if anything can compare to the beauty, elegance and endurance flying these birds possessed. Enough about the past, enjoy your stay and keep coming back for more.

"Excellence is not a singular act but a habit. You are what you repeatedly do."
My birds - Ver. 19
More of my Video Clips
February 2012- Video Clip
My birds in January- January in the Loft
My birds in February- February in the Loft
My birds in March- March in the Loft
My birds in April- April in the Loft
My Tipplers- My Tipplers Loft
My birds in June- June in the Loft
My birds in July- July in the Loft
My birds in September- September in the Loft
For orders only call (860)463-1515 email joe.melluzzo@gmail.com
Attention!!! Central Conneticut flyers and breeders

Come and attend the all pigeons auction every first Sunday of the month. Bring your birds share in the fun and meet fellow flyers and breeders. For inquires email (Click here) Andrew Mechlinski or send an e-mail to amechlinski@comcast.net

Auction Location: Falcon Field
723 Farmington Avenue (next to the Mobil station)
New Britain, CT. 06053 gate opens at 8:30 am
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